Mary Trump Hammers Republicans For Jeopardizing America By Continuing To Elevate Donald Trump

Mary Trump explained that her uncle Donald can’t be ignored because Republicans continue to elevate him and his dangerous rhetoric.


Mary Trump answered when she was asked on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, why we can’t ignore Trump:

I wish that were an option. After Donald lost, he should have been rendered completely irrelevant. It is the Republican Party that keeps him relevant though. He does continue to have an outsize influence because Republicans are still going down to kiss his ring, get his endorsements, and it is not going to end until the Republicans get repudiated for continuing to perpetuate Donald’s agenda and Donald’s dangerous rhetoric. That’s the problem. I wish we didn’t ever have to speak about this person ever again. Unfortunately, he is still very much in the mix and we ignore him at our peril. 

Ignoring Trump Will Only Make Him Stronger

The lesson from 2016 that so many people on the left refuse to heed is, as Mary Trump stated, ignore Donald Trump at your own peril. Remember when HuffPo classified Trump as entertainment and refused to cover him as politics? That decision didn’t work out so well.

Trump isn’t a media creation who will go away without attention any longer. He is a full-blown political cult leader, who should not be glorified and have his message spread, but he also must be countered and negated.

Republicans Must Pay For Their Trump Worship

The cycle will not be broken until Republicans are punished for their devotion to Trump, and the only punishment that they understand is loss of power through electoral defeat.

Republicans are the reason why Trump is still relevant, so the Republican Party must be rendered irrelevant.

If Republicans fail to take back Congress in 2022, it will send the message that Trump is defeat.

The only way for the nation to rid itself of Trump is to hand the Republican Party a crushing defeat in the midterm election.