Republicans Suffer A Crushing Defeat As Nashville DA Won’t Prosecute Teachers For Mask Mandate

The District Attorney in Nashville, Tennessee, is refusing to prosecute any teacher that goes against the  Republican governor’s executive order and imposes a mask mandate.

WTVF in Nashville reported:

Nashville District Attorney General Glenn Funk says he will not prosecute local school officials who violate Gov. Bill Lee’s executive order that requires school districts to allow parents to opt out of mask mandates.

In an email obtained by NewsChannel 5, Funk responded to Nashville school board member Emily Masters’ question as to whether there would be punishments for violating the order.

“I will not prosecute school officials or teachers for keeping children safe,” Funk responded.

Republicans Keep Losing Their War On Masks

Outside of Greg Abbott getting a win in the Republican Texas Supreme Court,  GOP governors have been losing the battle on masks all across the country.

It will be impossible for Nashville teachers to be punished for defying the Republican governor’s executive order that parents should be allowed to choose whether or not their kids will wear a mask in school if the district attorney refuses to prosecute as a matter of public health and child safety.

It is a big defeat for Republicans, and if more local prosecutors refused to prosecute those who want to require masks, the Republican war on masks and public safety would crumble in days.