The House Plans To Pass The John Lewis Voting Rights Act Next Week

Speaker Pelosi announced that the House plans to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act next week.

Speaker Pelosi said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA about the introduction of The John Lewis Voting Rights Act:

The House today is taking a momentous step to secure the sacred right to vote for generations to come.  With the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, proudly introduced today by Congresswoman Terri Sewell alongside Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, Democrats are fighting back against an anti-democratic tide, protecting access to the ballot box for every American and carrying on the cause to which our beloved John Lewis devoted his entire life.

A brazen, partisan campaign of voter suppression silences voters of color across the nation and threatens to erode our democracy.  Further, the Supreme Court’s disastrous decision in Shelby v. Holder opened the floodgates of voter suppression, allowing states with dark histories of bigotry and discrimination to pass hundreds of laws designed to keep communities of color from the ballot box.  This year alone, eighteen states have enacted thirty dangerous voter suppression laws, while the Court has continued its assault on the Voting Rights Act with its shameful decision in Brnovich v. DNC.

“As confirmed in a recent House report, Congress has not only an ironclad Constitutional mandate but a moral responsibility to enact H.R. 4 to combat destructive and discriminatory voter suppression.  In doing so, we live up to the powerful legacy of this bill’s late namesake, Congressman Lewis: a titan of the Civil Rights Movement and a courageous champion for voting rights.

With the attack on the franchise escalating and states beginning the process of redistricting, we must act.  When the House returns on August 23rd, Democrats plan to pass H.R. 4 – and we hope it can secure the bipartisan support this vital legislation deserves.  We must also enact H.R. 1, the For The People Act, to ensure that every American has a say in the destiny of our democracy.

September Will Be The Month That Democrats Work On Passing Voting Rights

Senate Majority Leader Schumer has announced that the Senate will be working on passing voting rights in September.

While the For The People Act has had difficulty getting full Democratic support in the Senate, the same is not the case for The John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

There have been rumbles for months around Senate Democrats that the voting rights bill that has the best chance of getting a filibuster carve-out is the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. All 50 Democrats support it, and they want to see the Voting Rights Act restored.

September is going to be the month of showdown to protect voting rights, and good news is on the horizon as the House will pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.