The Noose Tightens As Judge Rules Trump Must Turn Over Records Of Foreign Government Payments To House Democrats

A federal judge has ruled that Trump’s accounting firm must turn over the records of financial payments from foreign governments to House Democrats.

Trump’s Accountant Must Turn Over Financial Records Of Foreign Government Payments

Via Roll Call:

Mehta, in a ruling likely to be appealed, decided Wednesday that the House Oversight and Reform Committee should be able to obtain some of the records on its work related to Trump’s lease on his company’s redevelopment of the Old Post Office Building in Washington, D.C., as a luxury hotel.

And he ruled that the committee should obtain some records related to whether foreign governments had paid millions of dollars to Trump businesses while he conducted foreign policy affecting those governments, related to the emoluments clauses of the Constitution.

Democrats Are Investigating If Trump Sold Access To US Foreign Policy

The House Democrats are investigating the former president for potentially selling access to US policy to foreign governments. The Supreme Court decision on Trump’s tax returns has opened the floodgates. Trump will appeal the decision from the federal court, but Democrats have scored a key win for their investigation into potential Trump criminal behavior from the White House.

Trump never separated himself from his business when he became president. He designed a corrupt path for himself where he could profit from the presidency, but now, Democrats will be able to follow that path and see if Trump or his business was criminally taking money in exchange for foreign policy decisions.

The noose is tightening around Trump, as it is only a matter of time until one of these investigations topples the failed former one-term twice impeached president.