Bombshell Poll Finds Voters Overwhelmingly Support Biden On Afghanistan

A new poll finds by a margin of  51%-37% voters support Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal, even after Republican attacks and negative media coverage.

A new Data For Progress Poll found, “Voters still support President Biden’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, even after learning that Taliban fighters have captured these cities. Voters support the decision to withdraw by a 14-point margin, including Democrats by a 51-point margin, Independents by a 13-point margin, and nearly a third of Republicans.

Independents support the withdrawal 51%-38%, and even 31% of Republicans support the withdrawal.

The poll was taken after the Afghan government collapsed, and Biden was subjected to relentlessly negative media coverage.

Blaming Biden For The Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Not Going To Stick With Voters

Republicans were hoping that they could turn Afghanistan into an issue that will be used next year in the midterm election, but it turns out that President Biden is doing what the American people wanted. 

The negative press coverage and attacks from Republicans aren’t working. Voters would like to see the Biden administration speed up the process to get everyone out, but they seem mostly fine with the way things have played out.

The corporate media is on the wrong side of the Afghanistan story and out of step with public opinion. Their outrage isn’t shared with most Americans, as the majority of voters just want the US out of Afghanistan.