Cybersecurity Expert Says He’s Disproven Mike Lindell’s Claims, Demands $5 Million Prize

Following the 2020 election, supporters of Donald Trump were desperate to prove that the Republican had won. And if he hadn’t won, they said, he was cheated.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton offered a $1 million reward for proof of voter fraud. Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman demanded $3 million after showing that 3 Trump supporters committed voter fraud in his state.

Mike Lindell did something similar, offering $5 million to any “cyber-guy” who could prove that Trump won the election. Now a cyber security expert is demanding the prize from Lindell, saying that he has proven the pillow guy’s claims to be false.

The Security Institute’s Bill Alderson explained:

“Every time a packet is collected the data is in it. Every single one. With all of my exhibits, proving what my belief was about the packets and why they were not packets and why they did not contain IP headers, why they did not contain Ethernet addresses, why they did not contain congruent, you know, request-response packets, while they were not in P-PCAP format, and they didn’t contain any dating or anything of that nature.”

Steve Bannon asked Lindell during a recent podcast appearance, “Has one of the cyber guys, one of the hostiles that were there, have they filed for the $5 million? Is that fake news?”

The My Pillow Guy answered, “That just came out. He says he’s going to deliver papers to my attorney. My attorney reached out to me. They’re looking into that. The whole rumor going around the symposium was that this data is not from the 2020 election. Well, the whole challenge was [to] validate data from the 2020 November election. It had nothing to do with my data.”

Watch a video of the conversation between Lindell and Bannon below: