WA Post: Unlike Trump, The Taliban Gets to Stay on Twitter Because They Promote Less Violence

Donald Trump violated Twitter’s rules and regulations for years with little to no punishment. But after he used the site to help incite and insurrection on January 1st, he was finally banned from the platform.

The Taliban, a terrorist group that recently took control of the Afghani government, remains active on the website. The Washington Post’s Craig Timberg and Cristiano Lima recerntly explained why.

The authors note that the Taliban is acting in a much more sophisticated manner than Trump ever did. “The Taliban’s social media tactics in recent months can be seen as fitting a broader charm offensive,” they write, “including recent conciliatory public remarks about pardoning those who worked with Americans and urging skilled people not to flee the country.”

Lima and Timberg continue, “U.S. conservatives have been demanding to know why former president Donald Trump has been banned from Twitter while various Taliban figures have not. The answer, analysts said, may simply be that Trump’s posts for years challenged platform rules against hate speech and inciting violence. Today’s Taliban, by and large, does not.”

The actions of the Taliban over the last 3 decades have been horrific. The fact that Donald Trump’s language is even worse than theirs is both telling and unsurprising.