Americans Support Biden Afghanistan Decision As Two Thirds Say War Wasn’t Worth It

A new poll provides more evidence that the American people are behind President Biden’s decision on Afghanistan.

Poll Shows Americans Wanted Out Of Afghanistan

The AP reported on a new AP/NORC Center Poll:

 A significant majority of Americans doubt that the war in Afghanistan was worthwhile, even as the United States is more divided over President Joe Biden’s handling of foreign policy and national security, according to a poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Roughly two-thirds said they did not think America’s longest war was worth fighting, the poll shows. Meanwhile, 47% approve of Biden’s management of international affairs, while 52% approve of Biden on national security.

President Biden Made The Right Decision

Trump left Biden an impossible position in Afghanistan. His years of troop drawdowns, deal with the Taliban, and gutting of the visa process all meant that when it was time for the US to leave, it was going to be messy.

The Biden administration has been straightforward in admitting that they thought they had more time to organize the withdrawal before the Afghan government collapsed.

The vast majority of the American people wanted the war in Afghanistan to end. President Biden has brought the war to an end. The mission now is to get Americans and their allies out of the country.

The tone of the media coverage has already shifted after the first polls showing that Americans aren’t angry with Biden. In the long-term, the President did the right thing for the country, and one suspects that he will be rewarded by voters for his decision in 2024.