Despite Massive COVID Surge, DeSantis Issued a Statement Bragging About Florida’s Booming Tourism

Ron DeSantis has helped his state of Florida to become the epicenter of the Delta variant in the United States. But he doesn’t seem at all concerned about stopping the surge.

Instead, DeSantis has focused on the COVID culture war. He has threatened to stop paying school administrators who instituted mask mandates (a number of districts have chosen to defy him.) And instead of urging vaccinations, the governor is instead pushing a treatment that people can’t access until they contract COVID and that costs $1200.

And this week, DeSantis had the gall to celebrate the fact that Florida’s tourism is booming despite the full ICU’s in the state.

The governor wrote in a statement, “Florida continues to serve as an example for the country that when you reject lockdowns and unnecessary mandates, your economy will thrive.”

Pauline Frommer, who publishes travel books, thinks that are certain kind of traveler is attracted to the lack of restrictions. She also notes, “A lot of Americans are rightly nervous about foreign travel.” In the end, he travel expert predicts, “I think the momentum will be stalled. I don’t see how (Florida) can continue to be as popular.”

Many people will continue to visit Florida whether they are vaccinated or not. The ones who remain unvaxxed, though, are taking a pretty significant risk.