Corrupt Ted Cruz Is Using Taxpayer Money To Hire His Family

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is skirting federal anti-nepotism law by giving jobs to the kids of his cousins.

Ted Cruz Is Hiring Family Members For Government Jobs

Business Insider reported:

Cruz employed the daughter of his first cousin in his Senate office as a paid press assistant and gave his cousin’s son a coveted Senate internship. Cruz put his cousin on the payroll for his 2016 presidential campaign and later for his Senate campaign, records show.

Federal lawbars members of Congress and other government officials from hiring close relatives — including first cousins — for paid, taxpayer-funded posts.

Ted Cruz Has No Defense

When his office was asked about why Sen. Cruz is using taxpayer money to hire family members, they responded the classic guilty Republican claim that the story was “fake news.”

Everyone in American politics knows that Sen. Cruz lies with the same frequency that the rest of us take in oxygen, but there is also a level of corruption to the Texas Senator that until this time has been un and underreported.

It isn’t just the compulsive lies, incitement of efforts to overthrow the US government, and going on vacation to Cancun as his constituents freeze to death.

Ted Cruz is abusing his position as a public servant.

Sen. Cruz is going to run for president again in 2024, so he has replaced Lyin’ Ted with Corruption Ted.

Neither Ted should be allowed anywhere near the White House.