Florida Is Crumbling Under Ron DeSantis As Residents Now Must Ration Water

The Ron DeSantis caused COVID crisis in Florida has caused a shortage of liquid oxygen, so the city of Orlando warned they don’t have enough to purify drinking water.

The Orlando Sentinel reported:

Medical authorities have reported that along with a spike in hospitalizations for COVID cases, hospitals are relying increasingly on treatment involving high flows of supplemental oxygen for patients.

That has spurred a nationwide shortage for liquid oxygen, which has been exacerbated by a lack of available tanker trucks and drivers.

Republicans Have Caused So Much COVID That They Are Endangering Safe Drinking Water

I have not seen any of these sorts of warnings in states where there is not a COVID surge, which suggests that Southern red states are causing this issue by not taking proper steps to mitigate the spread of COVID.

Florida is facing what has been labeled an “unprecedented” COVID crisis, and it is all because of Gov. DeSantis’s decision to build a 2024 presidential campaign on the backs of sick and dying COVID patients.

Ron DeSantis has been so negligent, reckless, and deadly for Floridians that he makes former Gov. Rick Scott look like a role model public servant.

Gov. DeSantis has run Florida into the ground, which is why he is in real danger of getting the boot in 2022.