Fox’s Latest Conspiracy Theory: 3rd Booster Shot is an Attempt to Distract From Afghanistan

Amazingly enough, despite a readily available vaccine, the country is now going through another wave of COVID-19 cases.Hospitalizations and deaths are up, especially in red states where far fewer people have been vaccinated.

And there are also worries that the original vaccines could wane in efficacy over time. The White House recently announced that a booster shot would be made available to all Americans. According to Fox News, this is all a ploy to distract from the situation in Afghanistan.

Rachel Campos-Duffy told viewers:

“The White House was busy making headlines this week — but not about our Afghanistan response. The president instead announcing he will give a booster shot and mandating the vaccine for nursing homes staff. But is this just an attempt to distract the American people away from the Afghanistan crisis? The Administration has spoken as much about Afghanistan as it has about Covid.”

The host then invited “medical expert” Dr. Marty Markary on to opine on the subject. The Doctor responded, “There have been daily headline-grabbing announcements from the White House with no new supporting data. And then on Thursday, they hit the nuclear button and said the FDA is going to grant full approval [for Covid-19 vaccines] and they gave those details yesterday.”

It is not surprise that Fox is trying to keep the focus on Afghanistan. It is, however, quite sad, that they found a medical doctor to go along with it.

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:


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