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Mary Trump: When Will the Adults in the GOP Stop my Giving so Much Power to my Uncle? [VIDEO]

Despite the city of Cullman, Alabama declaring a state of emergency just days before, Donald Trump held a rally there last night. And the adoring crowd hung on his every word. The only time they jeered him was when he encouraged them to get vaccinated.

It is, of course, unprecedented for a former president to be campaigning just months after losing office. And it’s even stranger when the former POTUS does so in such a flagrantly dangerous way. Mary Trump discussed the matter on MSNBC on Sunday.

Host Alex Witt asked, “Give me your assessment of your uncle holding this event in the first place at a time when Alabama has run out of ICU capacity and having that exchange with the crowd there.”

It was quite disturbing but not surprising as is often the case with Donald,” she replied. “To see that he was willing to hold a rally not only in the middle of COVID, but a state being pummeled by the coronavirus, a state that, as far as I last checked, had no ICU beds left.”

Trump later continued, “he lost the election decisively, he was twice impeached, he should be irrelevant, he lost. He’s not in the White House anymore. The problem is that elected Republicans, Republican leadership, continue to allow him to be relevant, allow him a platform, give him power by going down to Mar-a-Lago and kissing his ring, by asking for his endorsements. “I’m afraid we’re stuck with him because they, for whatever reason, still find him useful.”

Time will tell if Trump is able to hold on to power. The 2022 midterms are sure to be a referendum on his power.

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