Rachel Maddow Signs A New Contract And Is Staying At MSNBC

Rachel Maddow has reportedly agreed to a new contract that will keep her at MSNBC for years to come, but maybe with a lighter schedule.

Rachel Maddow Renews Her Contract At MSNBC

Variety reported:

Rachel Maddowwill stay atMSNBC, according to two people familiar with the matter, after negotiating a new pact that will keep her at the cable-news outlet beyond 2022.


Under terms of the new pact, described as “multi year,” Maddow will develop other projects in a new partnership with NBCUniversal.


There was no immediate word on whether Maddow had gained what appeared to be a salient point in her talks with MSNBC. People familiar with the negotiations had suggested the anchor might be interested in pulling back from the five days a week she devotes to the program.

Rachel Maddow Might Not Anchor Her Show 5 Days A Week

Earlier reports on Maddow’s contract negotiations suggested that she was seeking two things. The MSNBC host wanted the ability to develop outside projects, which it sounds like she got, and she wanted a lighter schedule.

On the rare occasions that Rachel Maddow does an interview, she has commented about her work schedule and how she has been keeping that schedule for more than a decade.

It is plausible that as part of her new deal, Maddow will no longer be anchoring on Friday nights.  It is easy to envision a scenario where Rachel Maddow anchors her show four nights a week and takes Fridays or Mondays off.

Rachel Maddow is the hub that MSNBC’s programming is built around. The network has no replacement for her and would lose much of its identity if she had departed.

Maddow’s new contract is a win for the host, the network, and the viewers.