Biden Turns Up The Heat On The Unvaccinated By Asking Businesses To Mandate Vaccinations

During his update on the COVID vaccination effort, President Biden urged businesses, local and state governments, and non-profits to mandate vaccinations.


The President said:

Today, I am calling on more companies in the private sector to step up the vaccine requirements that will reach millions of more people. If you are a business leader, a nonprofit leader, the state or local leader who has been waiting for full FDA approval to require vaccination, I call on you now to do that, require it.

Do what I did last month, require the employees to get vaccinated or face strict requirements. As I said last week, vaccination requirements have been around for decades for teachers and leaders and military personnel have had vaccinations like polio and smallpox and measles and rubella. And the reason that you don’t worry about that today is because of the vaccines. It only means that covid should require a vaccine. 

Biden Is Increasing The Pressure On The Unvaccinated

There is no reason why businesses, schools, local and state governments, and other entities can’t require COVID vaccinations. The frustration with both unvaccinated people and the Republican governmental officials who cater to them is getting stronger by the day.

Businesses have the right to demand that their employees be vaccinated to keep everyone around them safe.

One gets the sense that there are some people who will never get vaccinated, but President Biden is doing everything in his power to get this country over the pandemic hump.