75 Fed Up Doctors Walk Off The Job In Protest Of Unvaccinated People Filling Up Hospitals

Seventy-five doctors in South Florida staged a protest and walked off the job to express their frustration at unvaccinated people who are filling up hospitals.


MSNBC’s Morning Joe covered the protest.

Joe Scarborough said:

Just moments ago more than 75 doctors staged a walkout to protest the number of covid patients coming to the hospital who have not been vaccinated.


I know the area very well. What Americans don’t understand is for every unvaccinated person filling up an icu bed, that means with the hospitals jammed, somebody with a heart attack, I’ve known somebody in this position, goes there, has trouble getting in, can’t get treatment, can’t get a bed. It is a nightmare for the doctors, for the nurses. And to the doctors’ point of view, it’s worse yet for sick people that want help from them. 

The Doctors Held A Protest, But Are Still Providing Care And Treating Patients

A little bit of clarity from the doctors:

Doctors Say Vaccines Aren’t Political

The protesting doctors say that there is nothing political about vaccines. The doctors want people to get vaccinated because this is a medical issue, and they are urging people to get vaccinated.

The Unvaccinated Are Preventing Other Sick People From Receiving Care

There are many dimensions to the selfishness of the unvaccinated, Beyond their jeopardizing of the health and welfare of others. Even beyond the cost and strain that they are imposing on the healthcare system is the reality that unvaccinated COVID patients are taking hospital beds away from other sick people who need help.

Some other person may die of an infection, heart attack, or stroke because someone else in their community decided that their “freedom” is more important than keeping themselves and others safe.

Doctors and health care workers are fed up.

Unlike last year, there is no reason for these people to be taking up space in hospitals. Vaccines are safe, effective, and free.

American society has run out of patience with the unvaccinated, as frustration is starting to boil over. The doctors’  protest is a sign that America has no sympathy for those who refuse to get vaccinated.