WATCH: Fox’s Faulkner Says if Kamala Harris Cares About Women She’ll Go to Afghanistan and “Own It”

After the disastrous presidency of Donald Trump, it can be easy to forget that Kamala Harris is the country’s first female Vice President. The anchors of Fox News, however, have not forgotten about her gender.

In fact, Fox personalities regularly use Harris as a scapegoat for anything they feel is going wrong with the country. During a Monday segment, host Harris Faulkner demanded that the Vice President go to Afghanistan so she can see how women are treated.

The Fox host told her audience:

Why doesn’t she go to Afghanistan?” Faulkner asked in a somber tone. “I mean, if she really cares about women. Biden told her to be the last person in the room on Afghanistan so she owns it. And with a country that is literally so bloodthirsty for its women right now, we have such a high-profile woman breaking barriers and all with Kamala Harris. We can’t find a detail to get her someplace safely into Afghanistan?

Faulkner continued, “Gosh, wouldn’t that be a moment? Wouldn’t it be a moment to see the nation’s female vice president set down in a country that hunts us women like bugs under their shoe? They just want to kill us. They just want us to capitulate to their every need, which includes slavery.”

As long as Harris is in office, she is going to be a major target for Fox News. Expect plenty more of this over the next 3 years.