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WATCH: Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Says Insurrection Was FBI Set Up and All Arrested for 1/6 Are Innocent

The Trump insurrection that took place couldn’t have happened without months of buildup. There were Trump’s repeated lie about the election. There was also Conservative media outlets constantly making viewers think there was something fishy. Then there was Sidney Powell and the rest of Trump’s “elite strike force” of lawyers. Powell, a former federal prosecutor,…

Biden talks May Jobs numbers

MSNBC Columnist Calls on Biden to Defund States That Restrict Voting Rights

As Republican legislatures around the country continue to make strong pushes to restrict voting rights––as they’ve done in Georgia and Texas––MSNBC opinion columnist Dean Obeidallah is calling on President Joe Biden to defund states that do just that. “When Republicans don’t like what a state or local government is doing — from Covid-19-related mask mandates to teaching critical…

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