Former GWB Campaign Chief Matthew Dowd: Joe Biden Has Done an Extremely Good Job on Afghanistan and Deserves to Be Congratulated [VIDEO]

A large majority of Americans on both sides of the aisle wanted to military out of Afghanistan. A poll taken this Spring showed that nearly 70% of respondents supported an end to the war.

So Joe Biden, for that reason and others, went ahead and did it. And the president has taken blowback from of course, Conservative news sources, but Liberal news sources as well.

The tune, though, seems to be changing over the last few days as the Biden administration is getting thousands of people out of Afghanistan. During an interview with CNN on Tuesday, Matthew Dowd said that Joe Biden has done a great job with the situation and deserves to be congratulated.

The former George W. Bush campaign strategist told Kate Bolduan, “as you probably are aware, I have a lauded the president from the very beginning about Afghanistan. He was dealt a horrible situation and as of today, he’s done an extremely good job in the situation. There were many people over the last seven days that said there is no possible way he could get 50,000 people out. No possible way and that was the number of people thought had to get out. He’s got 70,000 people in the last eight days.”

Dowd continued, “Every Afghan that wants to get out is not going to be able to get out. That’s not what this is about. It’s not about getting every Afghan that wants to leave out, it’s about getting all Americans out and those Afghans with special visas out of the country. We cannot keep setting the bar in a different place.”

CNN has been one of the networks criticizing Biden. It will be interesting to see how they change their reporting over the coming days.