Pelosi calls House Republicans sick

Speaker Pelosi Delivers As House Passes $3.5 Trillion Budget Plan

Speaker Pelosi delivered again for the American people by getting the $3.5 trillion budget resolution passed in the House.

Here are the details of the vote:

Speaker Pelosi Brought Democrats Together By Using The John Lewis Voting Rights Act

Every single Democrat in the House and Senate wants the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to pass. Pelosi had to get everyone to agree to put some assurances in writing in terms of the timing on the reconciliation infrastructure bill, but her true bit of genius was putting Democrats in a position of either coming together under one plan or sinking the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

The American people are watching one of the greatest House Speakers in the nation’s history put on a clinic on legislative process and keeping her caucus together.

Over and over again, during both of her terms as speaker, Rep. Pelosi has consistently delivered for the American people, and she still doesn’t get the full credit and respect that she deserves as one of the most effective political leaders in US history.


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