Trump Begs Judge To Restore His YouTube Account As He’s Apparently Hurting For Cash

Trump has asked a judge in Florida to restore his YouTube account so that he can raise money.

Via: The New York Post:

The request for a preliminary injunction against YouTube argues that a failure to issue one would result in irreparable harm to both Trump as a potential political candidate in the future and the Republican Party as a whole, court documents dated Monday show.

Notably, the injunction would allow Trump to continue selling merchandise on YouTube, potentially critical to political fundraising efforts.

Trump Can’t Raise Money Without Social Media

The request for an injunction to give him his social media accounts back specifically mentions the ability to raise money.

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Trump raises oodles of money through the use of social media and his practice of auto signing up his supporters for recurring donations that they might not be aware of.

The problem for Trump is that the longer these social media account bans remain in place, the more difficult it is for him to raise money.

After nearly six years of Trump hovering over the political discussion and trying to suck up all of the oxygen in the room, many people think that Trump wants his social media accounts back for the attention, but there is a bigger piece in play.

If Trump wants to be a presidential candidate in 2024, he is going to struggle to raise funds without access to social media.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube didn’t just take away Trump’s spotlight. They are cut off his stream of small-donor cash.