VP Kamala Harris’s Travel Delayed By Possible Havana Syndrome Incident

Vice President Kamala Harris had her travel to Vietnam delayed by a possible Havana syndrome incident at the US embassy in Singapore.


NBC News reported:

The vice president making her second significant foreign trip and she was you in Singapore and her departure there as she was heading to Vietnam was delayed because of the explanation of an anomalous episode. 

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Officials are confirming there was concern about an episode of the Havana syndrome, and this is something that we first encountered at our diplomatic compound in Havanaand it’s something now we have seen throughout the world, hundreds of diplomats experiencing this, and at least two U.S. Diplomats at the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam had to be medevaced from there because of the some of the significant symptoms they were experiencing as a result of the Havana syndrome. 

The team traveling with the vice president saying as part of the delay they were making an assessment of whether it was still safe for the vice president, for her party to travel and ultimately that assessment was reached it was safe to do so. A significant storyline that will raise the profile of the Havana syndrome incidents that we have seen affecting our diplomats throughout the world. 

Havana Syndrome Remains A Mystery

Experts have long suspected that Havana Syndrome is an attack on US embassies by a hostile foreign power, but they have not come to a conclusion as to how and why US diplomats around the world are getting sick.

Havana Syndrome is still a mystery.

Vice President Harris is safe and has landed in Vietnam, but whoever is carrying these attacks was trying to send a message by launching their attack on Singapore, where Harris was present.

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