Kevin McCarthy Has A Paranoid Meltdown Over The 1/6 Committee Getting His Phone Records

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy got paranoid and was clearly worried about the 1/6 Committee getting his phone records.


McCarthy was asked about the committee getting his phone records, and he answered, “The only thing I learned more about the committee is more political than it is. The report to the FBI is finished and I think it goes against everything the politics of the Democrats want to believe. Now we watch the Democrats in a time of Afghanistan that they want to use their majority power to get people’s phone records. They come for members of congress. They are coming for everybody. It is amusing to me how political they will go with this. I told the American public who I talked to that day. I literally went and talked to the American public on three different networks that day.”

Kevin McCarthy Is Nervous And Hiding Something

Kevin McCarthy clearly has something to hide about January 6. If he didn’t, he would turn over his phone records and issue a statement saying that he voluntarily turned over his phone records because he has nothing to hide.

Instead, McCarthy went on a paranoid rant about Democrats coming for everybody and basically said that we all should trust him that he is telling the truth about his conversations with Donald Trump as the Capitol was being attacked.

The 1/6 Committee is investigating Republicans for a very good reason. There are lots of clues that some House Republicans may have aided the domestic terrorists, and Kevin McCarthy is running a cover-up operation for Trump.