Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Biden Articles Of Impeachment, And Claims Democrats Want Him Impeached

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has introduced articles of impeachment against President Biden and claims that some Democrats want him impeached.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Trying To Impeach Biden For Afghanistan

Greene tweeted:

Greene’s article of impeachment accuses Biden of “dereliction of duty:”

  • Joe Biden failed to secure the extraction of thousands of American civilians and Afghan Allies before and during the withdrawal between August 14 and August 16, 2021, putting thousands of lives in imminent danger from the Taliban.

  • As Commander-in-Chief, Joe Biden has armed our enemies by leaving numerous weapons, ammunition, and other military equipment which could be used against American citizens, allies, and other civilians in Afghanistan.

  • Joe Biden has shown the American people that his administration failed to properly prepare for the extraction of civilian and military assets from the nation of Afghanistan.

  • Joe Biden abandoned tens of thousands of American citizens and Afghan allies stuck in Afghanistan at danger of being captured, tortured, held hostage for ransom, or killed.

  • Joseph R. Biden showed grave dereliction of duty and continues to demonstrate that he is unfit to hold the office of President of the United States.

Greene Is Under Investigation For The Capitol Attack, Yet She Is Trying To Impeach Biden

Rep. Greene has been one of the prime suspects among House Republicans who may have collaborated with those who tried to overthrow the government on January 6.

The idea that a person who may have helped attack the Capitol also wants President Biden impeached is absurd,

Greene’s impeachment articles are ridiculous because the Afghanistan operation is ongoing. No Americans have been stranded in Afghanistan.

If there is anyone who should be facing removal from office, it isn’t President Biden but domestic terrorist supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene.