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Roger Stone Goes Nuts After Being Banned By Pro-Trump Social Media Site GETTR

Social media was very important to Donald Trump’s rise to political prominence. In 2016, Facebook did little to remove false pro-Trump articles on the site that spread like wildfire. Trump’s prolific Twitter use also continued while he was in office.

But after Janaury 6th, nearly every major social media site moved to ban the former president from their platforms. In response, a number of pro-Trump site with little restrictions popped up. On of them, GETTR, was started by Jason Miller, a close ally to Trump.

And GETTR wasn’t supposed to have the kind of “censorship” seen on Twitter or Facebook. But recently, Roger Stone has a meltdown after learning he had been banned from the site.

The former Trump confident responded to the ban:

“[I]f you were under the illusion that the new social media website GETTR set up by Mueller informant Steve Bannon and his criminal confederate Jason Miller does not engage in censorship perhaps you can explain why they just suspended my account. Bannon is a criminal whose indictment for stealing money will be renewed shortly in New York State. I hear the New York state prisons are particularly rough.Once Bannon is in prison Miller won’t last week on the street. Steve Bannon Buttboi Jason Miller shall sleep with the fishes, [f]iguratively speaking of course.”

GETTR quickly tried to fix the situation by saying the ban was inadvertent. The site released a statement which read, “Multiple fake Roger Stone accounts were suspended following user complaints, but his real GETTR account was inadvertently suspended too. His correct account is currently active and the imposter accounts have all been removed.”

If GETTR was to ban a prominent Conservative like Stone, the site would quickly lose credibility (what little it had in the first place). It is no surprise that the situation was quickly rectified.

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