Congressional Intern Resigns After His Boss Thomas Massie Compares COVID Regulations to the Holocaust

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:52 pm

Republicans just can’t keep themselves from talking about Nazi Germany while talking about COVID-19 restrictions. Marjorie Taylor Greene, of course, did it on multiple occasions.

But Taylor-Greene got away with her actions. Kevin McCarthy chided her, she visited a Holocaust museum, but in the end, she faced no repercussions for her actions.

So Thomas Massie, a Rep. from Kentucky decided that it would be no issue if he decided to do the same thing. At least one person took issue, though, as one of the congressman’s interns resigned from his position.

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In as since deleted post, Massie wrote, If you have to carry a card on you to gain access to a restaurant, venue or an event in your own country … that’s no longer a free country.”

Andrew Zirkle, Massie’s intern, tweeted, “I quit. I wanted to let everyone who knows me personally to know that as soon as I got in to work this morning, I resigned my position in the Office of Congressman Thomas Massie because of his tweet comparing the horrors of the Holocaust to vaccine passports.”

The college student continued, “Everyone has personal limits of what is intolerable and this is one of mine. I hope to take what experience I gained from DC and move on stronger to the next challenge.”

While it is depressing that Republican leadership doesn’t feel the need to police their members, at least on young Republican is willing to take a stand.

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