Former CIA Agent Phil Mudd: A Better Plan to Leave Afghanistan Wasn’t Really Possible [VIDEO]

Today, 12 Marines were killed by an ISIS suicide bomber in Afghanistan. Republicans almost immediately went on the attack against the Biden administration. Spineless Missouri lawmaker Josh Hawley even called on the president to resign.

But after Donald Trump made his deal with the Taliban, Phil Mudd told Jake Tapper on Thursday, there weren’t really any better options.

The former CIA agent said on CNN:

Let’s look at characteristics. The Americans say they are going to get out. Could you have bombed American military posts before you got out to ensure that the Taliban couldn’t access weapons a explosives. The Taliban then knows you’re leaving. The Taliban going to surge if they see that you’re leaving. That happened in this circumstance. The Afghan National Army is going to see you’re leaving. They are going to fold. As soon as you start leaving the airport American citizens and people affiliated with the Americans are going to surge the airport because they know their throats are going to get slit by the Taliban. That’s what happening in this circumstance and the biggest question, Jake, you can surge in the American military to get aircraft to take people out and there’s a big footprint and you tell me whether you like Obama or Trump or Biden. You give me a better plan, I don’t see it, Jake.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN: