Jen Psaki Slams Sens. Marsha Backburn And Josh Hawley For Calling On Biden To Resign After Kabul Terror Attack

Jen Psaki called out Sens. Marsha Blackburn and Josh Hawley for playing politics on a day when US Marines died in the Kabul terror attack.


Psaki was asked for the White House reaction to Blackburn and Hawley’s calls for Biden to resign.

She said, “This is a day where 12 U.S. Service members lost their lives at the hands of terrorists it’s not a day for politics, and we would expect that any American, whether they are elected or not, would stand with us in the commitment to going after and fighting and killing those terrorists wherever we live and honoring the member memory of servicemembers. That is what this day is for. “

Playing Politics On Top Of The Bodies Of Dead US Troops Is What Republicans Do

The conduct of Sens. Blackburn and Hawley is nothing new. Republicans spent years obsessing about Benghazi. The Republican behavior is always tasteless and disrespectful to those who served and lost their lives.

People like Hawley and Blackburn are political opportunists who didn’t say a word when Donald Trump was killing 600,000+ Americans through pandemic neglect and negligence.

Republicans know that they can’t beat President Biden in an election, so they are trying to force him to resign.

It is an un-American political stunt, but coming from the same party that tried to overthrow the government to overturn an election, it is just another Thursday.