Struggling GOP in One Florida County Has Enlisted Marjorie Taylor Greene for Support

The GOP in one Florida county is struggling, and its leaders have enlisted the aid of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) to bring the party back to relevance.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that the Hillsborough County Republican County has selected Greene to headline its annual Lincoln Day fundraiser.

Greene’s very presence in Hillsborough County is the latest demonstration of how much the local party has changed,” the outlet reports, noting that the selection of Greene comes after the GOP experienced generational losses that have resulted in Democrats now controlling the county commission and most constitutional offices. Hillsborough has also voted blue in four consecutive presidential elections.

Since former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, Hillsborough executive committee chairman Jim Waurishuk has promoted conspiracy theories that the election was stolen. Greene, who has been one of Trump’s most fervent supporters, is a sensible choice for the Hillsborough GOP given the direction of the party.

“Tapping Greene as tonight’s speaker is alienating some Republicans who question why the local party would give a freshman lawmaker from a neighboring state a platform instead of a homegrown Republican,” the Tampa Bay Times observed.

Former County Commissioner Sandy Murman said that she has “talked to Republicans who aren’t happy with (Greene) and aren’t going.”