Republicans Intentionally Created The SIV Backlog And Then They Blamed Biden

Republicans intentionally created the SIV backlog to prevent immigrants from coming to the US.

Sen. Chris Murphy tweeted:

Republicans Don’t Want Afghan Immigrants In The US, But Blame Biden For Their Inability To Get Out Of Afghanistan.

Republicans are casting blame on President Biden for a crisis that they intentionally caused. Any Republican who says that the success of the mission will depend on how many Afghan partners are left behind is lying to the American people.

Republicans in Congress rigged the deck by gutting the special immigrant visa program long before Donald Trump arrived. Trump accelerated the destruction of refugee programs, but the wheels were already in motion before he was president.

Joe Biden is trying to get US Afghan partners out, but it is Republicans who have put obstacles in the way, and then criticized the President for his efforts.

Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are to blame for every Afghan partner who is left behind because leaving American allies to the Taliban is exactly what they wanted.