Biden Sent Hundreds Of Ambulances And Millions Of Meals And Liters Of Water Before Ida Hit

Competent and prepared President Biden sent hundreds of ambulances, millions of meals, and liters of water before Hurricane Ida arrived.

FEMA gave a list to reporters of supplies as provided to PoliticusUSA:

200 ambulances

139k tarps (includes tarps sent to Mississippi)

3.5 million meals (includes meals sent to Mississippi)

2.5 million liters of water

22 federal agencies are supporting the effort.

Millions more meals and liters of water are on their way.

President Biden pledged to put the country’s full might behind the rescue and recovery from Hurricane Ida:

President Biden isn’t sitting in the Oval Office changing hurricane paths with Sharpies. He isn’t going to FEMA to sell baseball caps or stealing money from FEMA just before a hurricane arrives.

This is what presidential leadership looks like.

Previous Republican presidents like George W. Bush and Donald Trump failed to lead as American citizens lost their lives in natural disasters.

President Biden is managing both a dangerous withdrawal from Afghanistan and a life-threatening, historic hurricane in the Gulf.

Biden isn’t just walking and chewing gum as the political cliché goes. He is saving lives both at home and abroad with true presidential leadership.