Kevin McCarthy Demands Democrats Investigate Afghanistan Instead Of Him

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy demanded that Democrats investigate Afghanistan instead of the 1/6 Capitol attack.

Video of McCarthy:

McCarthy said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, they have taken the Intel Committee that are supposed to be the eyes and ears of looking around the world to keep America safe and created Adam Schiff with a political committee, they spent their time impeaching the president. 

We are a co-equal branch of government. Why didn’t we know of what was happening on the ground? Why didn’t Adam Schiff have those hearings? Devin Nunes had wash warned us and told me many times before, and now at this time when they have an open border, when they have caught people on the terror watch already this year, that they have the Homeland Security Chairman investigating members of Congress and the chairman of the Intel Committee? That’s their focus instead of focusing on protecting all of America and the homeland. That’s what they should be working on.

Kevin McCarthy: Investigate Afghanistan Instead Of Me

McCarthy’s attempt to hide behind Afghanistan was pathetic. The good news for the American people is that the House can both investigate Afghanistan and Kevin McCarthy.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is trying everything to both discredit the 1/6 investigation and avoid being a target of the investigation. For some reason, McCarthy doesn’t want the committee to get his phone records and look at his conversations with Donald Trump.

Thirteen US Marines died, and Kevin McCarthy is trying to hide behind their bodies to cover up the 1/6 investigation.