Matthew Dowd Calls Out Republicans For Providing A Safe Haven For Terrorists In The US

Former Bush strategist Matthew Dowd hit on the hypocrisy of Republicans worrying about terrorism in Afghanistan while providing a safe haven for domestic terrorists.


Dowd said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

I mean, yes, the sacrifice that’s been done over the 20 years has been commendable, but let’s keep in mind the sacrifice was not only the men and women who served, including my son and the others that we have talked to but the sacrifice of the American public to this. This has been $2 trillion that’s been spent on a failed mission that could have been used for people’s health care here, that could have been used to fight terrorism here. 

I heard mention that we’re worried about a safe haven for terrorists in Afghanistan. Well, we have a safe haven for terrorists in America right now that has grown over the last ten years and metastasized and resulted in an insurrection in our U.S. Capitol.

For me, today is, yes, but the sadness is moreover political decisions that have been made over the last 20 years that allowed us to be in this place where we lost thousands of men and women and we lost trillions of dollars in the midst of this and we’re having to leave. I have to say thank you, President Biden for being the first in four presidents to make the hard decisions. 

Republican Hypocrites Worry About Afghanistan, But Foster Domestic Terrorism In The US

Dowd was correct on all of his points.  The same Republicans are fearmongering about Islamic terrorism, and Afghanistan is hiding the facts from an investigation into a domestic terrorist attack by Donald Trump’s supporters on the Capitol.

Republicans can’t have it both ways. They can’t be anti-terrorism when it comes from foreign terrorists but pro-terrorism if it is their voters trying to keep a president who lost an election in power.

The GOP wants to pretend that the last ten years never happened, but they have destroyed their own credibility on terrorism.