MSNBC’s Shaq Brewster Jumped By Screaming Mississippi White Guy While Reporting On Ida

MSNBC’s Shaq Brewster was filing a live report from Mississippi on Hurricane Ida when a screaming white man jumped into his face.


You can see Brewster look to his left as he is reporting on the current conditions in Gulfport, Mississippi. Moments later, a man is heard yelling off-camera, and as Brewster was tossing it back to Craig Melvin in the studio, the man gets in the NBC/MSNBC reporter’s face and starts yelling.

The unidentified man was yelling at Brewster to cover the hurricane accurately, which is odd because it is a hurricane. Reporters report on the storm and the damage. It is straightforward. There isn’t any commentary or opinion involved.

Brewster later tweeted to worried viewers that he and his team on the scene are fine:

An angry white guy in the South gets in the face of a non-Fox News cable news network reporter, and it doesn’t take much detective work to assume that this is an example of the unvaccinated Trump fan club doing their thing.

Trump is gone, but the anger and resentment that he inspired among his fans still make reporting from almost anywhere a potentially dangerous job.