Ann Coulter Praises Biden For Having The “Balls” To Get Out Of Afghanistan

Conservative Ann Coulter praised President Biden for having the “balls” to get out of Afghanistan while calling Trump a wuss.

Coulter tweeted:

Democrats and liberals have very little to agree with Coulter on, but she saw through Donald Trump a few years ago, and she is right about Biden and Afghanistan. Biden has been getting praise in some conservative circles for having the guts to do what three previous presidents didn’t.

President Biden is taking the political hit for getting out of Afghanistan so that another American troop will not have to make the ultimate sacrifice. Biden is also ensuring that no future president will have to deal with the Afghanistan problem.

Ann Coulter was right. Donald Trump talked a big game about everything, but he was all talk. When it came time to make any decision that could politically cost him, he ran away or found someone else to blame.

President Biden has been straight and honest with the American people, and he has shown an immense amount of courage. 

Joe Biden isn’t afraid to sit in the big chair and make the hard decisions, and even someone like Ann Coulter is showing respect for his guts.