COVID Anti-Vaxxers Are Disrupting And Shutting Down Vaccination Events In Georgia

COVID anti-vaxxers in Georgia have taken to showing up at inoculation events to cause disruptions and shut them down.

Anti-Vaxxers In Georgia Are Disrupting And Shutting Down Vaccination Events.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

The hostility toward the vaccination effort was no isolated incident. Dr. Kathleen Toomey, the state’s top health official, said for the first time this week that Georgians aligned with the anti-vaccination movement disrupted several recent inoculation drives — and forced one to shut down entirely.

“It’s wrong. It’s absolutely wrong,” Toomey said. “These people are giving their lives to help others, to help us in the state. We in Georgia could do better. We should be thanking these individuals who are trying to get lifesaving vaccines to our state.”

Anti-Vaccination Is No Longer About Personal Freedom, But A Mob Wanting To Make People Sick.

It should be criminal for anti-vaxxers to disrupt or prevent anyone who wants a coronavirus vaccination from getting one.

The anti-vaccination crowd has gone from claiming that is their personal choice to not get a vaccination to harassing and potentially preventing others from offering vaccinations and vaccinating vulnerable people.

The vaccine should be viewed as a lifesaving tool. It is a gift to get the nation out of the pandemic. Anyone who disrupts or shuts down a vaccination event is harming other people for the sake of intimidation or political messaging, which is the very definition of terrorism.