Eric Swalwell Demands Law And Order As Rep. Madison Cawthorn Threatens America

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said that the radical right is a threat to America and called for law and order against Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC).

After Madison Cawthorn told supporters that the right is working on another domestic terror attack, Rep. Swalwell tweeted:

Rep. Cawthorn directly promised his supporters that he and his insurrectionist pals were working on a plan to call the 1/6 terrorists back to Washington, D.C. to “liberate” those who he called “political prisoners” that are being jailed for attacking the Capitol on January 6.

Rep. Swalwell was correct. The radical right in the Republican Party is a threat to America. The GOP is sheltering domestic terrorists, and even worse, they are encouraging those people to attack the US government again.

The best way to put an end to this ongoing threat is to those elected Republicans, like Cawthorn, who are inciting violence accountable. The Republican Party has crossed the line from rhetoric to violence as they move closer towards transforming from a political party to a domestic terror cell.