Ron Johnson Trashes Trump In Undercover Video And Admits Wisconsin Election Was Legit

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) admitted that Donald Trump legitimately lost Wisconsin and explained that Republicans turned the state blue.

Sen. Ron Johnson Blames Trump For Losing Wisconsin In Undercover Video.


Sen. Johnson was speaking to an uncover reporter when he said that 51,000 in Wisconsin didn’t vote for Trump but voted for other Republican candidates. Johnson said, “There’s obviously nothing skewed about the results.”

Johnson continued, “Collectively, Republicans got 1.661 million votes. 51,000 more votes than Trump got. Trump lost by 20,000. If Trump got all the Republicans who voted for the assembly candidates, he would have won.”

Johnson also admitted in a December 2020 phone call with Wisconsin county Republican chair that Joe Biden legitimately won the election, but it would be career suicide to cross Trump and his big lie.

Republicans know that the big lie is BS, and Donald Trump lost a legitimate election, but they won’t call it out because doing so would virtually end their political careers.

The point that they miss is that individually they would face backlash for calling out the big lie, but if the party itself had collectively taken a stand for democracy and given Trump the boot, they would not be in the position that they are in today.

Ron Johnson sounded like a different human being in this video.

Republicans like Johnson are knowingly destroying democracy because they are putting self-interest ahead of the country.