Biden Smartly Ties The Climate Crisis To Wildfires And Hurricanes

During his remarks on Hurricane Ida, President Biden connected the dots and linked extreme weather and wildfires to the climate crisis.


President Biden said:

The past few days of Hurricane Ida and the wildfires in the west, and the unprecedented flash floods in New York and New Jersey is yet another reminder that these extreme storms and the climate crisis are here. We need to do — be better prepared. We need to act. 

When Congress returns this month, I’m going to press further action on my Build Back Better plan. It’s going to make historic investments in electrical infrastructure, modernizing our roads, bridges, water systems. Sewer and drainage systems. Electric grids and make them more resilient to superstorms and wildfires. And floods that are going to happen with increasing frequency

We’re reminded this isn’t about politics. Hurricane Ida didn’t care if you were a Democrat or Republican, rural or urban. This destruction is everywhere. And it’s a matter of life and death, and we’re all in this together. This is one of the great challenges of our time. But I’m confident we’ll meet it. We’re the United States of America. And there’s simply nothing beyond our capacity when we work together. 

It is doubtful whether the argument about extreme weather events and the climate crisis will open the minds and hearts of anyone who isn’t already a believer in climate change, but it is important to try.

Connecting the recent events with the reconciliation bill is a smart political move that gives real-world reasoning why the climate change elements of the reconciliation bill are vital to the country.