Trump “F-ing Hates” Ron DeSantis As Republican 2024 Civil War Set To Explode

Trump is said to hate Gov. Ron DeSantis, and Mike Pompeo is fanning the flames as the GOP civil war 2024 ignites.

Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair reported:

DeSantis’s biggest challenge, though, will be navigating his fraught relationship with Trump. “Trump f*cking hates DeSantis. He just resents his popularity,” a second Trump confidant told me. (“Ron is a good guy,” Trump said.) According to a source, advisers for Pompeo have been promoting DeSantis in hopes of stoking Trump’s jealousy. “Pompeo’s people are building up DeSantis as the leader of the Republican Party to p*ss Trump off,” the source said.

Part of Trump’s irritation with DeSantis is that Trump feels that DeSantis doesn’t give Trump enough credit for his rise. “Trump tells people, ‘I made Ron.’ Trump says that about a lot of people. But in this case, it’s actually true,” a prominent Republican said. (“He gives me good credit,” Trump told me.)

DeSantis Is Trump’s Only Legitimate Challenger For The 2024 GOP Nomination

The odds are that Trump is going to run again in 2024 unless he is a convicted felon by then.  Ron DeSantis trails Trump by an exponential amount of support in the Republican Party. Meanwhile, Mike Pompeo wants to be president, too, so Pompeo is trying to use Trump to take out DeSantis in the hope that Trump will later choose not to run, and Pompeo would have an open path to the Republican nomination.

Roger Stone thinks that Trump would make DeSantis his running mate, but one has serious doubts about whether Trump wants a VP that is popular and has the ability to take the spotlight from him.

After seeing what Trump did to the burning rubble that used to be Mike Pence’s career, DeSantis might be wise to stay far, far away from any ticket with Trump.

Trump is jealous of DeSantis because he doesn’t think that the Florida Governor sucks up enough.

The 2024 GOP civil war could be ugly, and it may also give Joe Biden an advantage on the road to a second term.