DeSantis And Abbott Approval Ratings Plunge As Warning Signs Grow For GOP

Gov. Ron DeSantis has seen his net approval rating fall fourteen points in Florida, while in Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is down a net seven points.

Via: The Morning Consult poll of Florida and Texas,The first-term Florida governor’s net approval rating – the share of voters who approve of his job performance minus the share who disapprove – has fallen 14 percentage points since the beginning of July, larger than the 7-point drop in sentiment about Abbott over the same time period. “

DeSantis and Abbott both have identical 48% approval ratings. Disapproval for DeSantis is 48% and disapproval for Abbott is at 47%.

Abbott has an approval rating with Republicans of 79%. DeSantis is even more popular with Republicans in Florida with an 83% approval rating.

The problem for both is with Independents. DeSantis has seen his approval rating fall with Independents by ten points, from 50% to 40%, and his disapproval has gone up by 13 points to 51%.

Abbott has gone from a 41% approval rating with Independents to 38%, and his disapproval has increased from 48% to 54%.

Among Democrats, both governors have approval ratings of less than 25%.

Endangering Children With COVID Is Not Good Politics

DeSantis wants to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024, but if he can’t maintain popularity with Independents in Florida, he has no chance of beating Joe Biden in a reelection campaign.

Abbott, like DeSantis, decided that exposing children to COVID was good politics.

He was wrong.

The sinking approval ratings of Abbott and DeSantis are a warning to all Republicans that anti-COVID safety politics are a losing issue.