Joni Ernst Busted For Massive Lie About Biden Not Showing Gratitude To The Troops

Sen. Joni Ernst was hit with a  blistering fact check after she tried to claim that President Biden hasn’t shown gratitude to the troops.


To his credit, CNN’s Jake Tapper did fact check and corrected her, but Sen. Ernst refused to admit reality.

CNN’s Daniel Dale pointed out how wrong Ernst was:

 Ernst’s claim is not even close to true. Biden has thanked troops who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq over and over again — explicitly saying “thank you” and explicitly saying the nation is grateful to them and indebted to them. Biden has also spoken empathetically about the sacrifices made by these service members and their families.

Biden’s public words as President so clearly contradict Ernst’s assertion that, for fact-checking purposes, we don’t even need to go into detail about his eight-year tenure as vice president — during which he repeatedly expressed his appreciation for troops who had served or were still serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

When Dale confronted Ernst’s office with the facts, they denied reality and fought with him.

Anyone who has tried to have a discussion involving facts with a Trump supporter knows exactly how the conversation went down.  The fact-checker asked about the statement. Ernst’s office said that the statement was true, and they respond by offering feelings and opinions instead of facts.

Ernst was busted in an absurd lie, but instead of acknowledging reality in any way, she and her office retreated to a fantasyland where facts are irrelevant, and only their opinions count.