Pro-Choice People Paralyze Texas Abortion Tip Line With Thousands Of Fake Reports

Texas’s anonymous tip line where people who receive or assist an abortion can be reported has been hammered with pro-choice fake reports.

The Guardian reported:

Pro-choice users had other ideas, bombarding the site with false reports and fabricated data through a campaign primarily organized on Reddit and TikTok.

Though the site was launched a month ago, the fake reports came flooding in on the eve of the bill’s enactment. One TikTok user said they had submitted 742 fake reports of the governor Greg Abbott getting illegal abortions.

Redditors have been reporting roads that lead to abortion clinics. There has also been a script created that will allow any individual to file thousands of reports per day. Originally, the goal was to shut down the site, but the practical impact of all of these false reports is to virtually paralyze the narc operation.

If people keep filing these reports, the site will not be able to function as intended, as those who run it will have to spend their time chasing down false leads instead of treating women and those who assist them with their reproductive health as criminals. 

The spy on your neighbors website could turn into a massive backfire.