More Signs That Trump Is Broke: He Is Selling His DC Hotel

Trump’s Washington, DC hotel was a great source of corruption and cash for his business while he was in office, but now he is selling it.

Axios reported:

Former President Trump is in advanced talks to sell rights to his Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., sources tell Axios.


Trump would sell the leasing rights to a real estate developer, who in turn would negotiate with hotel companies that would manage the property and rebrand it.

Details of the deal’s terms aren’t yet known but Trump’s representatives have been in talks with major hotel chains and investors.

Trump doesn’t own the building. He leased from the federal government and that lease was at the center of several court cases involving potential violations of the Emoluments Clause when Trump was president.

Trump’s businesses are hurting. He has been bleeding tenants at Trump Tower, and he has $900 million in loans coming due over the next few years.

Trump selling the DC hotel makes no sense if he is planning on running for and winning the White House again.  The DC hotel was a way for Republicans and foreign governments to bribe Trump for access and influence over policy.  

Getting rid of the hotel only makes sense if Trump isn’t going to run for president, or he doesn’t think that he can beat Joe Biden.

Either way, the selling of the DC hotel suggests worsening financial troubles for Trump.