Republicans Are Trying To Get Rachel Maddow Banned From Twitter

Republicans are falsely claiming that Rachel Maddow pushed “fake news” on ivermectin and are trying to get her banned from Twitter.

Maddow reported on an Oklahoma doctor saying that rural hospitals were filling up with ivermectin overdoses, which is a story that came from a local Oklahoma TV station that ended up everywhere, including PoliticusUSA.

A hospital system released a statement disputing the doctor’s claim, and Republicans went nuts.

Fox News regular Glenn Greenwald (remember when he conned segments of the left into loving him?) tweeted:

Republican Senate candidate/Appalachian fraud J.D. Vance tweeted:

Oh look, it is noted Trump grifter Sabastian Gorka:

The Republicans Aren’t Just Complaining. They Want Maddow Banned.

It isn’t a coincidence that Vance mentioned serial misinformer/Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in his tweet. Alex Jones is banned from all social media.

Republicans are still smarting from Trump being kicked off of Twitter, so they want a scalp of their own in Maddow.

The problem is that, unlike Trump, Maddow didn’t spread dangerous misinformation. Ivermectin is not a treatment for COVID. Also, unlike Trump, Maddow doesn’t use her platform to encourage violence.

There is no basis for sanctioning Maddow, but reality is not a strong suit of the Republican Party.

Rachel Maddow is one of the most powerful voices in American media,

Republicans can’t handle the fact that she informs millions of people nightly.

The GOP is threatened by Rachel Maddow, which is why they are attempting to discredit and silence her.