President Biden Gets 4 More Americans Out Of Afghanistan

Four more Americans left Afghanistan via overland route and were met by State Department officials at the border.

CNN’s Alexander Marquardt tweeted:


There was no breaking news coverage or breathless anchors and analysis touting the news that President Biden is doing exactly what he said he would do.

The few remaining Americans in Afghanistan are trickling out. The Biden administration has been in contact with all of them. The Taliban isn’t stopping them from leaving.

A president keeping his promise and fulfilling his duty to the American people is not the stuff that gets cable news exciting. There is no drama in competent governing, but the fact that Biden is still getting Americans out of Afghanistan deserves to be covered by the same corporate media that spent weeks handwringing and dooming and glooming all over the administration’s Afghanistan airlift.

The mainstream media has moved on to its next shiny object, but President Biden is keeping his word and getting the job done.