Greg Abbott Tells Rape Victims Not To Worry About Abortion Because He’s Getting Rid Of All The Rapists

Gov. Greg Abbott’s solution to rape victims being denied an abortion in Texas is to promise to get rid of all the rapists.


Abbott said when asked about rape victims being forced to carry a pregnancy to term in Texas, “It doesn’t require that at all because obviously, it provides at least six weeks for a person to get an abortion. That said, however, let’s make something clear. Rape is a crime, and Texas will work tirelessly to make sure that we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going out and arresting them and prosecuting them.”

Instead of letting women make their own healthcare decisions, Greg Abbott is going to get rid of all of the rapists.

Easy Peasy. Problem solved.

Rape is one of the underreported crimes in the world, and that means that a lot of rapists are not caught, so how exactly is Gov. Abbott going to get rapists off of the streets of Texas if he doesn’t know who the rapists are?

Wouldn’t it be easier to treat women as equal human beings and allow them to have control over their own bodies without the government infringing on their most personal liberties?

Greg Abbott has no answers.

He knows that the Texas abortion law is a rapist bill of rights, and he doesn’t care how many rapists get to control their victims’ lives through a child conceived through a heinous criminal act.

Greg Abbott doesn’t care about rape victims, and his cartoonish and nonsensical answer means that rapists have free reign in Texas.