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José Díaz-Balart Makes History As He Will Take Over Weekdays At 10 AM On MSNBC

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José Díaz-Balart will be the only anchor to host newscasts in both English and Spanish on broadcast and cable when he takes over the 10 AM weekday slot on MSNBC.

Via an MSNBC press release provided to PoliticusUSA:

Internationally recognized journalist José Díaz-Balart joins MSNBC as anchor of MSNBC’s “José Díaz-Balart Reports.” His program premieres on Sept. 27 and will air weekdays at 10 a.m. ET. Díaz-Balart will continue to be based in Miami.

With the announcement, Díaz-Balart becomes the only anchor to host national news programs on both cable and broadcast television in English and Spanish. He will continue

to anchor “NBC Nightly News Saturday” on NBC News and take on a broader role at Noticias Telemundo, where he will anchor monthly specials and breaking news events. He will also anchor special coverage across multiple platforms, including Peacock. Given his expanded responsibilities across the networks, Díaz-Balart will move on from his current role as anchor of Telemundo’s nightly newscast “Noticias Telemundo” at the end of the month.

Díaz-Balart is a highly decorated journalist who is already known to NBC and MSNBC audiences. Balart is also very well known for his Spanish language interviews of political leaders and presidential candidates.

“I’m privileged to anchor MSNBC’s 10 a.m. hour to report on the issues that matter to all communities across America,” said Díaz-Balart. “It has been my honor to serve as the anchor of ‘Noticias Telemundo,’ where we rigorously cover the most important news for the Latino community. I look forward to this unique role where I can reach different audiences in English and Spanish across the NBCUniversal News Group and Telemundo.”


MSNBC Is Changing The Face Of Cable News

MSNBC President Rashida Jones is making cable news look a lot more like America. The white male domination of the network chair at MSNBC is being shifted to a majority of women and people of color.

The daily anchors at MSNBC include Joe Scarborough, Chris Hayes, Ari Melber, and Lawrence O’Donnell. Chuck Todd doesn’t anchor MTP Daily every day. The rest of the roster features women like Stephanie Ruhle, Rachel Maddow, and Nicolle Wallace, and Andrea Mitchell.  An African-American man with Craig Melvin’s 11 AM weekday show.  Ayman Mohyeldin is an American citizen born in Egypt, and Díaz-Balart is Latino.

In comparison to CNN and Fox News, the MSNBC weekday lineup is much more diverse, which is what viewers

were demanding for years under former MSNBC President Phil Griffin. MSNBC’s presentation more accurately mirrors its audience, and as the United States moves toward a future of being a majority-minority country, MSNBC represents the changing face of America.
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