Republicans In Free Fall As Majority Of Americans Want Vaccine Mandates

A new Gallup poll reveals that majorities of Americans want vaccine mandates for people to go to work, eat in a restaurant, or fly.

A majority of Americans support vaccine mandates.

According to Gallup, 61% of Americans favor a vaccine mandate for flying on an airplane, 56% for going to work, 53% for staying in a hotel or dining in a restaurant, and 58% for attending an event with large crowds.

The amount of support has grown in four of the five categories, with requiring a vaccine to go to work as the exception because this was the first time that the question was asked.

Between 75% and 80% of the opposition in each category comes from the unvaccinated, and 71%-79% of those in the opposition are Republicans.

Republicans are paying a political price for vaccine mandate opposition

In Texas, vaccine mandate opponent Gov. Greg Abbott has seen his approval rating hit an all-time low. In Florida, vaccine mandate opponent Gov. Ron DeSantis has watched his net approval rating drop 14 points to below 50%.

It is the same mistake that cost Trump the presidency. Republicans are playing to their base, but their base isn’t the majority of the country.

The Republican opposition to vaccine mandates has them on the wrong side of a vital issue and losing ground by the day.

If vaccine mandates are a central issue in the midterms, GOP opposition to requiring vaccinations could come back to haunt them in 2022.