Jim Jordan Says Real America Is Done With COVID Which Explains Why Democrats Aren’t Getting Sick

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) proclaimed that “Real America” is done with COVID, which must make vaccinated Democrats the real Americans.

Jordan tweeted:

An August NBC News poll found that 88% of Democrats are vaccinated. 91% of Biden voters are vaccinated, but just 55% of Republicans and 50% of Trump voters have gotten the shot.

Jim Jordan’s real America might be done with COVID, but the coronavirus isn’t done with them, as one can tell from the infection rates in states like Florida, Texas, and Mississippi.

The only people in this country who might be done with the pandemic are Democrats and Biden voters.

Republicans can’t wish COVID away. They can go to Wisconsin football games and jump around, but if they aren’t vaccinated, it will be the coronavirus that gets the last laugh.

Real Americans are done with COVID, just ask any vaccinated Biden voter.